making your life easier

Take2 uses progressive and creative ideas to solve complex IT business problems and simplify your work load. We help you achieve more and sell more through technology and people power, our tools of choice.

everything as a service

Take2 offers ‘Everything as a Service’ (XaaS), a platform in which expertise is housed in a cloud and delivered to you, on demand. It’s a virtual environment where human capital is collected from across the globe and used collaboratively to solve problems. This model allows us to provide a solution for anything and everything you need.

people clouds

Our proprietary people clouds are built to conquer complex business problems. Tell us your technology need and we’ll create a cloud with the required talent. Once the cloud is formed, it’s available to you on demand, creating a frictionless engagement.

People Cloud Solutions include:
Cyber Security, DevOps, Mobility, Big Data & Engineering (displayed visually in clouds). People clouds can be created for a vertical industry, technology, or custom built per clients specifications

our story

We wanted to build something exceptional that helps others solve problems. And we did. We are a group of friends with different backgrounds, but all cut from the same cloth. We are bonded by our belief in progressive thinking, superior products and services, extreme ethics, and, of course, a love of sports. The concept behind Take2 was cultivated from this common thinking…and several craft beers.

We believe the future of engaging with global resources is through our People Cloud platform; allowing clients and partners a gateway to cloud based talent.

Serge Khoury : Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Serge Khoury

Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Founder & Chief Growth Officer
With three kids, Serge and his wife, Irene, typically operate in a “zone defense”. When he’s not at work, he taxis his children from practice to practice and is still trying to figure out the concept behind “Core Math”. A Northern Virginia native, Serge is also a DC sports fan, with a special allegiance to the burgundy and gold. He runs and bikes and strives to attain a single digit handicap.

Lisa Kurz : President & Chief Operating Officer

Lisa Kurz

President & Chief Operating Officer

President & Chief Operating Officer
Lisa has 20 years of experience with Federal government consulting. She is highly skilled in the delivery of complex and tightly integrated IT modernization and system integration efforts, program management, IT communication and serving as a liaison between functional and technical stakeholders. Lisa has additionally supported a wide variety of program operations to include financial, resource and contracts management. Lisa and her husband are proud Virginia Tech alumni (Go Hokies) and spend much of their free time at sports with their four young kids.

Nick DeFelice : Partner

Nick DeFelice



As a Baltimore-area native, Nick loves all things Pro Sports in Maryland, including the Ravens, O’s and Terps. Like a true Marylander, he enjoyed playing lacrosse in college and is an instrumental member of his on and off again band, Juevos Rancheros. Now with a toddler, Nick and his wife, Kelly, live outside of Annapolis, and spend their time at the playground dreaming of a day when they can sleep again.

Mark Dever : Partner

Mark Dever



A DMV native and University of Maryland graduate, Mark currently resides in Northern Virginia. He’s a sports fanatic who lives and dies with the Redskins, Orioles, Terps and Capitals. In his spare time, Mark loves to get outdoors and especially enjoys fishing, hiking and camping. And when not completely miserable remembering the RGIII era, he can be found savoring craft beers, crabs and old bay on anything edible.

our clients

We work with customers who understand the importance of gaining access to global talent, on demand, as a service.